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All Terrain Mobility

113 Southend Road, Rochford, Essex SS4 1HX

Near Southend Airport, between Warner’s Bridge and the Anne Boleyn PH

An All Terrain Mobility petite rise and recline chair! Suitable for smaller people, in plush hard wearing fabric which blends in with other furniture.  Pictured in cream but available in brown, red, green  and blue!

Rise & Recline Chairs

Royale Rise & Recline Chairs

Tilt In Space Rise & Recline Chair

Leonardo Rise & Recline Chair

 Petite Rise & Recline Chair

An All Terrain Mobility 'tilt in space' rise and recline' chair. An extremly comfortable 'arm chair' style rise & recline chair with a waterfall back pictured in cream but available in a variety of fabric choices. An All Terrain Mobiltiy single motor cosi-chair rise and recline chair. Pictured in cream a very comfortable 'arm-chair style' rise and recline chair available in a range of colours. An All Terrain Mobility 'Kingsley' rise and recline chair. Pictured here in brown with a waterfall back . Available as a dual or single motor rise & recline chair. Available in two different sizes and a range of colours. The Majestic Rise & Recline Chair The Regal Rise & Recline Chair Dual motor design  Choice of button or waterfall back   Made in the UK  Available in three sizes   Matching sofa and static armchairs available   Weight capacity up to 25 stone          CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS