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All Terrain Mobility

113 Southend Road, Rochford, Essex SS4 1HX

Near Southend Airport, between Warner’s Bridge and the Anne Boleyn PH

Rise & Recline Chairs

Royale Rise & Recline Chairs

Rise & Recline Chair Bed

Tilt In Space Rise & Recline Chair

Leonardo Rise & Recline Chair

An All Terrain Mobility Petite Rise and Recline Chair. A small, compact rise & recline chair ideal for small people / spaces.  Pictured in a plush but hard wearing oatmeal/ cream coloured fabric but available in brown, dark red, green and blue.

 Petite Rise & Recline Chair

An All Terrain Mobility 'tilt in space' rise and recline' chair. An extremly comfortable 'arm chair' style rise & recline chair with a waterfall back pictured in cream but available in a variety of fabric choices. An All Terrain Mobiltiy single motor cosi-chair rise and recline chair. Pictured in cream a very comfortable 'arm-chair style' rise and recline chair available in a range of colours. An All Terrain Mobility 'Kingsley' rise and recline chair. Pictured here in brown with a waterfall back . Available as a dual or single motor rise & recline chair. Available in two different sizes and a range of colours.